Home Theater ReviewLuxury Publishing Group was created by Jerry Del Colliano in August of 2008 when he launched HomeTheaterReview.com after selling his first group of publications (AVRev.com, ModernHomeTheater.com, and AVRevForum.com) to El Segundo, California based Internet Brands Inc. (INET). HomeTheaterReview.com, with the help of sister company 90210 SEO, went from a "parked domain" to a Google “Trusted Content” site with industry leading readership numbers, a large double-opt-in email list and a powerful following on top social networking sites in less than one year.

In late 2019, Luxury Publishing Group Inc., sold HomeTheaterReview.com and AudiophileReview.com to Minneapolis-based JRW Publishing.

Going forward, LPG is developing new online media properties, launching crowd-funded consumer electronics products in the tech-fashion space and beyond.