golf_thm.jpg (launching Fall of 2010) Some say that the true test of one's game is to golf on the road and is the publication that tells the real story about golf's best locations. Where to eat, where to say, what courses to play and when, how to get out at the private courses and much more. LGT isn't a site for reviews of putters or drivers - its for golf travelers who are looking for the best value and experience on their next trip.

htr_thm.jpg HTR is the second largest audited specialty audio-video publication in the consumer electronics business. The site features insightful news and right-to-the-point reviews on the latest from the world of HDTV, 3D, audiophile products, speakers, receivers and much more.

hdtv_thm.jpg Once a print magazine, has morphed into a blog all about high definition living. For the customer who wants to know more about video than the clerk at the TV store - is the perfect resource.

htspot2.jpg is a forum site that discusses all things consumer electronics. Audio, video, software, brands and so much more. The Spot is all about community and since acquiring the site in the summer of 2010 - has been rapidly increasing its membership, readership and overall presence on the Internet.